Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Byalistock and Bloom

I got a pleasant surprise last Friday when the Lotus Master rang offering me a ticket to Saturday afternoon's performance of The Producers. I met him and Dr D outside and we climbed all the way up to what is now rather extravagantly referred to as Grand (thirty years when I started going to the Princess on a regular basis it was just known as the Upper Circle or just "the Gods").

Squeezed into seats that seem smaller than they were back then we sat back and enjoyed the show. It's great fun and all involved gave their best -- in particular I enjoyed Tony Sheldon and Grant Piro and the Director and his "common-law assistant". Lots of camping and mincing, but I must admit I did find the dancing swastika just a trifle disturbing, even after knowing the film for so long.

The songs are nothing to rave about but probably my main carp would be about the amplification... even the orchestra is amplified. I said to B later that evening: "I'd really like to see a show where no-one was amplified", to which he replied, "go to the opera".

Because of ghastly network problems I ended up working for a few hours on Sunday night, but left early on Monday to make up for it. Now I'm on leave until next Tuesday during which time I hope to take in the latest "Harry Potter" film with Tat.

At last the cough is nearly gone.


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