Thursday, June 17, 2004


Work is still frantic -- I worked from 2.00 yesterday afternoon as I had to train the librarians on how we will be processing the edition changes in FDC. Unfortunately I don't think what I said will bear much resemblance to what will happen -- it's very hard to guess exactly how things will be.

Reading: A hat full of sky by Terry Pratchett. The follow-up to The wee free men. I find Pratchett's books irresistible; to describe what they're about would leave out all the best parts. His imagination is incomparable -- he is forever making us look at things from a completely different viewpoint. The result is usually amusing and thought-provoking.

Listening to: Bounce by Stephen Sondheim. Even the second time through it is failing to really grab me. The story seems very conventional, with none of the twists or surprise elements we've come to expect. The music sounds like many of his earlier works, such as Assassins, Sunday in the park with George and Into the woods. I think it's that I find that the element of surprise is lacking. Enjoyable, but a bit ho-hum.


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