Friday, January 01, 2016

A new year

The last two days of the year were hot - I still don't have air conditioning nor even a fan so it was pretty uncomfortable. We did our weekly shopping on Thursday and I spent the evening chez Bruce & Peter. P had cooked chicken with preserved lemons and olives, reminding me that I should resurrect it.

On Wednesday I had lunch with MG at Dench's, and then dinner with Mariese at Dr Morse. After dinner we watched the wonderful video of Imelda Staunton in Gypsy, broadcast on the BBC just last Sunday. Good to have seen it as it may not last on YouTube. Staunton's performance is extraordinary.

A change came through quietly yesterday evening and today was much more bearable, though very humid. I gather it will be like this for another couple of days.

I left P&B's around 9.30 last night and watched some of the ABC's Pub Quiz, which was amusing. Though on watching the British Great Big Fat Quiz tonight on YouTube I realised how much actual content the Australian version had used.

In bed before midnight, though the noise, which began at midnight, persisted for some time.

Not much done today.

Happy new year! Let's hope 2016 is a better year for the world, alas, the omens are not good.


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