Thursday, December 10, 2015

Buzz cut and blood

It's been a reasonable busy week so far: on Monday I went into town and got my hair cut, though I may look for a new place as buzz cuts have gone up from $15 to $20; yesterday I panelled for a Reflections program with Doug and John Griffiths - I brought it home on a USB stick and did most of the work needed; I finished it off this morning before Julie arrived - she had a full diary, including an interview with Greta B. After all was fine I met up with Kat for a very pleasant lunch at the Farm Cafe.

Tonight I did a very silly thing - while trying to cut a piece of a very old, hard piece of parmesan the knife slipped and made a nasty gash in my left thumb. I actually remember thinking while I was setting it up that I should be careful or I'd cut myself. Sigh.

Anyway I let it bleed in the basin full of warm water and found some sterile gauze (who knew I had that?). When it stopped bleeding I wrapped it all up tightly using three bandaids. Now I just have to make sure it doesn't open again.


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