Friday, July 04, 2008

Peg at home

Mum is now successfully (I think) ensconced at home. I'm doing her shopping and generally keeping an eye on things for her. She rang tonight with a list of things she needed - it was just like old times.

On Wednesday I met B&P for a quick Japanese meal before we headed off to the Athenaeum for a splendid performance of The Marriage of Figaro presented by Melbourne Opera. A standout performance in an overall good cast was the Susannah of Suzie Shakespeare.

Then last night I took nephew SP to a preview of Wicked which stood up well against the London performance I saw in '06. The production of course was a carbon copy (it's a franchise after all) and the cast acquitted themselves brilliantly - dare I suggest that Rob Guest made a better Wizard than Nigel Planer. The audience (us included) thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


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