Sunday, May 04, 2008

Peg improves

I've visited Mum over the last few days and each time I see her she's noticeably brighter. I think the morphine she was given on Wednesday had an adverse affect on her as she was away with the fairies a bit on Thursday. She's been sitting on a chair beside the bed for a bit as a change from sitting in bed, but she's certainly still got a long way to go.

Things are up in the air at the moment (it's hard to find the right people to talk to) but she'll be assessed tomorrow and most likely moved to a rehabilitation place before spending some time in respite care. What happens after that still remains to be seen.

She's much brighter and more alert now and seemed glad to see us all yesterday, though she's looking forward to leaving hospital.

Yesterday P&B and I shopped in Fitzroy for a change after which I headed over to Cabrini. From there I took the Wattletree Road tram into the Arts Centre where I met up with DG at EQ. We had a delicious meal before heading off to the State Theatre to see Opera Australia's production of Strauss' Arabella. It was a very enjoyable night with Cheryl Barker in the title role and her husband, Peter Coleman-Wright, as Mandryka. The production was intelligent and the whole night very satisfying - I don't understand why this was the first production in Australia.

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