Saturday, May 10, 2008

More on Mum

Mum was moved from Cabrini on Wednesday to the Elsternwick Private Hospital where she is receiving physiotherapy for rehabilitation. She's expected to be there for about a fortnight after which she may, if approved, finally go back to her cosy little home.

I visited her this afternoon with my sis and bro-in-law; she is so much better than she was a couple of weeks ago when she went to Cabrini. She greeted us with a lovely smile and seemed quite upbeat about everything - she'd been for a couple of walks already today and was sitting in her chair ready for her afternoon tea.

Other than Mum, everything is going well. Monday's rehearsal went off very well - the choir's second run through of Howell's Take him earth for cherishing went surprisingly well and the rest of the program was well covered, too.

This morning was a Children's Farm market after which, as usual, we visited Vic Gardens before adjourning to B&P's for a tasty lunch of yummy quiches from the market. This afternoon, inspired by Maggie B, I made a loaf of oat and walnut bread - it's delicious, and I suspect not long for this world.

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