Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another milestone

My mother turned 95 on Monday. She's spending a couple of weeks in the country with my sister as my bro has had to pop into hospital for a minor procedure and won't be able to do her shopping or otherwise help out for a little while. I called today (after missing his call) and, while he's still in a some discomfort, everything seems to be going as expected.

I spoke to Mum on Monday and she sounds as if she's enjoying her little holiday; though she will certainly be glad to get back to her unit before too long.

Sunday was a bit weird as I didn't go to visit her. As it was very hot I went for a walk in Studley Park early before retiring to my cave for most of the day. B came round for pizza in the evening and we drank a quite reasonable cleanskin sparkling shiraz I had found at Coles on Saturday.

Rehearsals continue for concert one; and tomorrow, for those readers who read this blog at strange hours, there is a free lunchtime concert at Scots church in the city. We start at 1pm - don't be late.

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