Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Phew, it's 2008

Yesterday, the last day of 2007, was shockingly hot (41?) and while it was beautifully cool at work, the inevitable time came when I had to go home. And it was home to a little hot-box; though not quite as hot as before I got the blinds for the back windows.

B came for dinner - I cooked a rather nice curry (from a new source of pastes which I will try again) and found some raspberries for dessert. We drank a nice bottle of bubbles B brought. As there was nothing to watch on the TV I broke out the DVD of the Hamburg Meistersinger from 1970, which turned out not to be bad at all (well act one, anyway).

B left reasonably early and around 11 I decided to go to bed but unfortunately the combination of parties in the park, parties in the houses behind, the heat and the trains (running all night) conspired to deprive me of all but a couple of hours sleep. Consequently today at work seemed to last a week - mind you, I wasn't the only person suffering from sleep deprivation.

Today was hot again, but luckily my week at work kept me inside until the change arrived and this evening is quite pleasant.

I'm afraid I've been very slack with this blog lately and will try to be a bit more regular this year.

A happy new year to my readers (both of you).


Anonymous Anthony said...

You realise that now we're going to have to drum up at least three people to leave comments to disprove your "both readers" comment? :-)

11:06 pm  
Blogger postmodest said...

Philip Adams always says "hello listener" on LNL so Frank is in good company. Happy NY!

5:27 pm  

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