Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Marclay on show

On the way to work today I dropped in at ACMI to see the Replay Marclay exhibition. I can't recommend it strongly enough.

Christian Marclay is an American video artist who has produced some rivetting works. The work I was seeking out was Video Quartet, which I had seen last year at the Tate Modern and was transfixed by: it's a collection of fragments from films from the last 70-odd years. They are projected onto four screens, side-by-side, and (nearly) all the excerpts show some form of musical performance (singing, playing an instrument, dancing, conducting). The whole thing is edited together in such a clever way, excerpts often juxtaposed with seemingly unrelated other ones, yet somehow the mix works in a compelling way.

The other stand-out work is Telephones, again using clips from old films showing actors using the phone. Despite the fact that the clips come from a disparity of films the overall effect is of one long narrative, one long conversation. I laughed out loud often during this film.

I fully intend to revisit this extraordinary exhibition.

One warning: make sure you give your eyes time to adjust to the low light levels in the exhibition space. I nearly walked into a wall thinking it was a doorway.


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