Saturday, October 27, 2007

Work and play

I've not been overly busy, just lazy. Work has been getting busier, with the election looming, and I've been rehearsing for Nun danket alle Gott at St John's tomorrow morning. Unfortunately it coincides with the changeover to daylight saving; I have to get up even earlier (or go to bed earlier).

Gloriana rehearsals continue as well; the Britten is just as tricky as I remember, but it's a great challenge and I think we've done some very valuable work on it. The rest of the program is interesting too - I hope we get enough time to do it justice.

I had Thursday off because of working today - I managed to do some shopping, and later nephew SP came for dinner. A very enjoyable day.

Today was work. Nothing out of the ordinary happened; I managed to process a couple of sections, and as I got in early I was able to leave around 4pm.

Interesting to see George Cole and Dennis Waterman together again in New Tricks tonight. Nice to see Battersea power station, too


Blogger Anthony said...

I'm impressed with the speed of your blog entries, Frank.

Tonight's episode of New Tricks (which was centred around Battersea Power Station) was still showing when you managed to post your photograph of the Power Station.

Wikepedia makes no mention of burning old £5 notes or US embassy documents, but it does mention the "cogeneration" scheme to heat nearby houses:

(You had to be watching the telly to work out why those factors are related to the Power Station.)

9:00 pm  

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