Sunday, October 14, 2007

A week in the country and a day by the river

In Maldon

I spent an enjoyable time last week in Newstead with DG - it was great to spend some time with him, despite the fact that I had the mother of all colds. We ate well (I made my famous tagine and DG made a delicious bolognaise), watched a few DVDs (when we could make the DVD player behave) and generally relaxed. On Friday we took a nice drive around the area to St Arnaud and other places coming back through Maldon.

Because of my cold I decided to come back earlier yesterday than originally planned - I put on a load of washing before retiring to my bed. I've just found out that it's May last year since I've had a proper cold, so I shouldn't complain - I knew this blog had its uses.

Kookaburra by the Yarra

This morning I was up again at sparrow's as I was being collected by B&S to go on a fascinating "Yarra Yabber" tour arranged by the Yarra Riverkeepers. It was very well organised and the bus took us to various sites between Warrandyte and Christmas Hills; at each we got talks from great speakers (including a man from Melbourne Water, a geologist and a State Park Ranger), each talking about an aspect relating to the river and its water problems. At the lunch break we had an al fresco meal of P's delicious "weekend chicken" with a watercress and orange salad. In all, a very satisfying day.


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