Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a relief

After what seems like an interminable lead-up yesterday's election had a most satisfactory result. Not only Howard gone, but Costello is saying he will not pursue the leadership. Although there's still Turnbull, Abbott, Ruddock, Downer ...

Sitting in front of the ABC last night it took me a little while to realise what was actually happening, and a little bit longer to believe it. But when it sank in I was overjoyed.

Up early this morning to speed off to St John's Southgate to sing the final chorale for Bach's Es rei├čet euch ein Schrecklich Ende, which was translated in the order of service as "A horrible end will carry you off". Most appropriate we thought.

The tenor who sang was new to St John's - Robert Macfarlane, a young man from Adelaide who was very impressive. Jerzy Kozlowski was wonderful in his aria accompanied by rapid, almost demented, scales on the trumpet. And Chris Mason sang his recit beautifully. Even the orchestra was beautiful!

I could only pay a fleeting visit to Mum today as I had to race off early to come to work, which has been, as expected, fairly busy.


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