Saturday, September 22, 2007

Spring has sprung

The magnolia flowers have finished and now it's coming into leaf; the roses will be out soon. Even the quince is in flower though no blossom on the apple yet. We've had some glorious weather - alas, not nearly enough rain so this summer is set to be another dry time.

There's a great concert coming up next week - music of Monteverdi, Gabrieli, Schein and Sch├╝tz for choir with accompanying period instruments, including some great sackbuts. All conducted by the talented Grantley McDonald. It's at Melba Hall on Friday night.

Last week I took Friday off to help DG move his stuff up to the cottage in Newstead where he's moving. It was a great day and the only really difficult piece to move was the washing machine, and even that wasn't too bad. We had pies for lunch at Malmsbury and a nice dinner at the Park Hotel later that night.

As P&B have gone away for the weekend I broke out the shopping jeep this morning for a quick trip to the supermarket in Smith Street. Afterwards I treated myself to brunch at Cavallero; it seems that the latest fashion accessory is a baby - the place was bursting with them today.

A glorious day allowed me to get a load of washing dried this afternoon. Later LE came to check out possible new positions at her work; unfortunately there didn't seem to be much going at the moment.


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