Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Nearly forty years ago, on the recommendation of a teacher (BM), I joined the Melbourne Chorale. I sang with them for six years, performing a wide range of works including quite a few with the MSO including Mozart's C minor mass, Vaughan Williams' Dona nobis pacem and Walton's Belshazzar's Feast. It was an interesting time and I made a few friends before I set off on my first great trip to Europe in 1976.

In early 1977, soon after my return, I got my present job (yes, the thirty year anniversary is looming) which involved quite a bit of shift work so I didn't commit myself to singing on a regular basis. So I didn't join another choral group until 1990 when I joined the Tudor Choristers and made a lot of new singing friends. Among these was K, now married to BM (see above). KM and DS (among others) were (and still are) two of the noisiest people I know ... well, they're sopranos.

On Saturday night Tat and I went to a restaurant in Westgarth to surprise KM for her 60th birthday. She was expecting dinner with a few friends, but it turned out to be 35! The irrepressible DS was of course involved in the organisation of the evening. There was ample food and lashings of drink, much laughing and even a bit of singing (the bastard awards live!). KM certainly knows how to party and it was fun helping her.

On Sunday, after visiting Mum for lunch I cooked up a couple of curries for B&P which we ate while watching the BBC's re-interpretation of The taming of the shrew. Great fun.

Last night B served up delicious roast pork and P made the apple sauce to go with it. We certainly don't go hungry.

Oh, we've had some rain, too. What a nice smell damp earth has.


Anonymous Margaret said...

Frank, to think the big 30 is coming up! Lovely to read about your choral past and to hear about the success of the dinner.

2:27 pm  

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