Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year ...

... to both my readers.

The last week has been quite relaxing despite my having worked for much of it. On Xmas day Mum and Tat came for lunch (roast chicken, ham, roast spuds and asparagus followed by my annual summer pudding). In the afternoon Tat and I drove Mum home and I spent the evening quietly at home.

Work last week was pretty slow, the papers have very little in them at this time of the year and our processing is done faster. At the same time, barring natural disasters, it's usually pretty slow on the news front - so we have a bit more time for those little tasks we keep meaning to get to but can't. Everyone is also a bit more relaxed - and those of us at work are less tense, too.

P&B went to Canberra for a few days so on Saturday morning I took the jeep out of mothballs and walked up to Smith Street to do the shopping. While the Safeway has tarted itself up a bit, the customers (except for me of course) were still the same old dreary ones.

On Sunday, after lunch at Mum's, I had a very tasty meal at B&Ps (roast pork) but, despite it being New Year's Eve, I didn't stay very late as I was working on Monday. I was in bed by 11 although the distant sounds of fireworks (and close - someone set off some loud crackers in the park) kept me awake for a little while. However I was able to listen to some of the huge amount of I'm sorry I haven't a clue which I got from the web and now fills my mp3 player almost to bursting point. I think I dropped off in the middle of a round of "One song to the tune of another".

Last night I went to LE's for one of her always delicious meals the climax of which was a beatiful dessert (both to look at and to eat) of watermelon, cherries, yoghurt/lime gelato and persian fairy floss. Believe me, it tastes even better than it sounds. She's off next week for Paris, Milan and Rome but we're hoping to take in a screening of Happy Feet before she leaves.


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