Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Too darn hot

The weather has been dreadfully hot, not at all how I like it. Despite that I did manage to sleep quite well last night, probably because I knew I didn't have to get up early this morning. I had opened up the house once it got cooler outside than in and by the time I went to bed (which was quite late) it wasn't too bad.

Today has been a bit cooler than yesterday. Yesterday there was chaos on the trains and chaos with the power supply. Luckily I was unaffected by the electricity problems and managed to avoid the irregular and packed trains by catching a bus home, something I should do more often as it's quite a nice ride.

This morning I cooked up a beef rendang for tomorrow night, though as DG is coming as well as B&P I'll do a chicken curry as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the weather has turned, what a relief. We are dreading our return to Canberra. Holiday was wonderful.

12:13 pm  

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