Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Insurance replacements

I had a busy day today: up early to wait for the guys to come and measure up the back doors for their replacement. They were damaged in the last intrusion; being jemmied with a spade will do that. They arrived around 9am; it was like grandfather, father and son (I don't really think they were related, but it's not impossible). The old one stood around making comments and the young one just stood around, while the one in the middle went to work with his tape measure.

The next step is for them to get the doors made up and then come and hang them, fitting the current locks into the new doors.


Until recently I was the owner of an apacer DiscSteno - a compact portable DVD/CD burner cleverly built with slots in the side for the cards used in digital cameras. We used it to store our photos during the Sep-Oct trip. Unfortunately it was one of the items lost in the burglary. I put in a claim for it and was contacted by a company specialising in insurance replacements of computers and related items. The rep said that while they didn't deal in apacer he thought there was a Sony product which might be appropriate, but unfortunately they were out of stock.

That was before Christmas and anyway I wasn't going anywhere so there was no urgency. Last week I had a call to say that the item had arrived and they were sending it to me. When I got it home and opened the box I realised immediately that it wasn't an appropriate replacement, being too big and too heavy for travelling, and repacked the box. When I spoke to the rep the next day he listened to my concerns but was himself concerned that Sony wouldn't accept it back if I'd broken the seal on the box.

It's turned out that they will accept it back, but the bad news is that apacer no longer make the burner I want - there are other brands around but I've decided to take the cash instead. I'm not planning a big trip this year so will leave it until I go again before getting a replacement.


Later this morning Tat picked me up and whisked me back to Malvern to pick up my B&O turntable which I'd left last week for repairs. I also got a new stylus as the old one has to be twenty years old (the turntable is thirty). Unfortunately when we got home I had to dump it and run for the train as I was running late for work; with luck I should get it all up and running over the next day or so.


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