Sunday, November 26, 2006

Weekend in the sun

After work on Friday DG picked me up and we headed off to Newstead for the weekend. We had a good run up and after we dropped our stuff had a very tasty meal of an onion, ham and cheese tart DG had made.

In the morning P&B arrived and we spent the day doing pretty much nothing in particular - reading and lazing were popular activities. P had brought some cassoulet which we devoured eagerly on Saturday evening; it was accompanied by some decent red wine and followed by stewed apricots. After dinner we watched Born yesterday on DVD - Judy Holiday didn't make many films which is a shame as she is a delight to watch.

Today was a glorious day: bright, clear sky and just a little breeze to make it perfect. After lunch of leftover cassoulet we set off home. Pushka was glad to see me, having been looked after by nephew SP while I was away.


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