Monday, May 31, 2004

Another weekend gone

After news from K&B (K has landed a job in South Africa) my plans for London will have to change slightly; luckily GR has also offered me accommodation so things should be OK.

The weekend was lovely, only marred by my incessant coughing. As mentioned before this damned cold has returned to hit me in the chest/throat leaving me with a nasty cough. I have eschewed cough syrups and lozenges preferring to suck on the occasional spoonful of honey, which seems to soothe the tickle enough to let me get to sleep.

Tat came round on Saturday to pick up the heaters she kindly donated during my heating crisis. She brought a CD she'd burnt of the pick of her NZ pics (pucs?) but for some reason this disc was unreadable by my PC. We'll try again tonight.

In the evening I dined with M&D at the ever-wonderful Cafe India in Hawthorn, then back to theirs where we sat and chatted, with the cycling championships on quietly in the background (of course).

Sunday after Mum's for lunch I dined with P&B (yummy saltimbocca with spinach and crunchy potatoes, followed by stewed rhubarb and ice-cream), and we watched the finale to the Charles II series. Peter's cold has also done the returning trick like mine.


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