Monday, April 05, 2004

Friday's concert was great -- we were sitting in the second-back row of the balcony (about as far away as you can get) but the sound was pretty good. Except that we could see Peter Coleman-Wright's mouth moving but couldn't hear everything that came out of it. The Parsifal excerpts had been cleverly sewn together with nary a seam which meant that there was no applause to ruin the continuity.

The orchestra played very well indeed; the only down-side being the appalling "bells" which seemed to be a combination of organ notes and something tubular from a garage -- not a good noise. The Adams was very interesting with a huge assembly of musicians on the stage including multiple marimbas/xylophones/metallophones, etc. I'm glad to have heard it in concert, but won't be running out to buy a recording. DG enjoyed the concert, even the Adams, thought he admitted that early on he didn't think he would.

Saturday, after a quick shop with B (who had a succesful week away) I made my way to Spencer Street Station where, after negotiating the rebuilding mess, I caught a train to Woodend to visit AC. We did a bit of singing then went for a walk around the property before A cooked me dinner. Was home by 9pm after a very pleasant day.

Yesterday was the Gloriana concert; after Monday's less-than-confident rehearsal everyone seemed to pull out all stops and deliver the goods (if you'll pardon the appalling mixed metaphors). All seemed to be in good voice and the Jackson was the best we've ever done it. (I got parts of the Gloria right for the first time, but don't tell Andrew.) All in all a very satisfying performance.


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