Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Well, singing on Monday night and last night was not such a good idea. The cold has hit my throat with a vengeance. It's not sore - I just sound very butch and can't sing very well. And I keep sniffling, snorting and coughing; it must be wonderful to be working near me. I've got a break from singing now until next Monday.

Last night I was kept awake by scuttling and banging under the floor. It must be a rat. I can't think of anything else it could be; there are no openings large enough for a cat to get under the house and the noises it makes would require a very large mouse to be wearing very large boots. It's not surprising as I'm not that far from the river, and I've seen rats in the palm tree by the station.

I heard it scuttling in the wall space last week, but last night it seemed to be trying to get into my room via the ducted heating outlet (which means it must have got into the ducting - bugger). It was making so much noise I moved out into the lounge room to sleep but unfortunately my sofas are only two-seaters and very uncomfortable for sleeping. DG was right, I do need new sofas.

I got some rat baits at the hardware shop this morning and have slipped them under the house remembering to mark the bricks they are behind so I can check to see if they get nibbled. Let's all hope for a positive result. And let's hope that it goes away to die, otherwise I'm faced with the pervasive smell of rotting rat.

Dropped into the health centre to pick another month's worth of Lipitor and bumped into B's father B -- it was nice to see him as it's been a while. B was in with the nurse having his nose tended to. Hope to catch up with him and P on Friday.


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