Thursday, October 30, 2003

B's kidneys are going to sue P for defamation as it's looking as if they're not responsible for his hospitalisation - the lung infection seems to be the more likely culprit. Only had a short talk with P last night so have limited information; will try to post more tonight.

Last night to Cicciolina for dinner with DL and AB (DC-4 project) and had a wonderful night: the food was, as expected, glorious, and the company was great fun (despite AB's complaints about public transport and Melbourne's weather).

Then hopped on a bus and was home by 9.30. Around 10.45 I logged in to the web and found BrA was on IM. The fun part was that he has a webcam, so I was able to see his expressions; I also got to see Arnoud. I must investigate one of these gadgets - it certainly adds something to an otherwise texty interaction.


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