Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Well, that holiday just flashed past. Did a few long walks (including one from Glenferrie Rd, Glenferrie), rode the bike once, got my hair cut, bought some clothes and shoes and took in a couple of films. "A mighty wind" from the "Spinal Tap" crew was fun, gentle perhaps and with more to offer to one of my age, who lived through the folk era; some amusing record cover mock-ups and pastiche songs. (4/5) "28 days later" a horror film which after being fairly predictable for the first half, took a few turns and kept my interest. (3/5)

Also had lunch with Margaret G and Deborah F -- was great to see D; it's been years.

This week has got very full with Gloriana on Monday and Sunday, Gombert Tuesday and Saturday and Ring Singers tonight. Plus I'm off to hear the MSO under Mackerras on Friday ("Taras Bulba").

BS is in a great deal of discomort at the moment. Thank goodness this week is his last of radio- and chemo-therapy. I hope it doesn't take too long for his mouth to heal up, etc. The worst part is that you feel so helpless; there's nothing you can do but provide support.

Got back to work on Monday and hit the ground running -- thank goodness we've got a couple of extra people. They'll be casual/contract for an indefinite period - mainly to replace MC who is devoting herself to the sesquicentennial.


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