Thursday, August 14, 2003

Gombert rehearsal at my place last night. On Tuesday JOD indicated that we would not have access to the main hall at Melba so I offered to have it at my place - I see it as selfish altruism.

As I was dropping off to sleep the phone started ringing. Work, I thought; or Mum. I stumbled out and answered it and it was dear Brent. He's in Luxemburg at the moment and seems to be having a wonderful time - I wasn't completely with it for the first few minutes, having been practically asleep. Still, a great treat to talk to him - and it was an amazingly clear line.

I was brought home to me rather forcefully last night how close we all are to disability. I woke suddenly in a lot of pain - my right shoulder was very sore; I had trouble even getting out of bed. I took a couple of paracetamol and went back to bed after discovering that the most comfortable position was with my right hand on my chest pointing towards my left shoulder - makes it very difficult to sleep. I woke expecting not to be going to work, but the joint was sore but manageable.

In the shower I mused on the problems not being able to use one arm produce: trouble in washing, particularly in drying the body; getting dressed; preparing food; wiping bottom... and if both arms were incapacitated, well, I don't want to think about it.


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