Monday, February 01, 2016

Bruce and concerts

Last Wednesday Bruce went into hospital for surgery to remove a cancer under his tongue. I understand the op went well and he's now recuperating in an ENT ward. I think he's still in a great deal of discomfort but news from Peter is that he's keeping entertained by the lives of others in the ward. The nurses are also very good.

Because of this I went to see the Kransky Sisters on Thursday night: musically fun (all based on TV themes) but the linking narrative was awkward and under-rehearsed. Then on Saturday I went (with Brent and Dennis) to Chapel Off Chapel to see Thrill Me, a musical based on the Leopold and Loeb story. It was a two-hander (with piano accompaniment) and had quite good lyrics, although the music want quite as good. A good production and excellent performances made for an entertaining night.

Then tonight I went to the 5th Homophonic concert - part of Midsumma. Ben O, and a few others I know were again involved and it proceed to be a most eclectic and entertaining evening. Probably the best work was A stopwatch and an ordnance map, a seeing of a poem by Stephen Spender by Samuel Barber for men's voices and timpani. Great stuff.

I've also been busy recording Reflections programs, though today's was a bit of hard work.


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