Monday, January 18, 2016

Quick catch-up

On Tuesday I went out to North Balwyn (quite accessible by bus it turns out) for drinks with Grantley McD - it was at his father and step-mother's. Being painfully punctual I was the first to arrive, but that gave me a chance to meet his folks (I think we had met before) and his partner Josef.

Included among the other guests were Vivien H, Michael R and, later, Cookie N. It was a lovely evening.

On Wednesday there was a strategy meeting of the Reflections group at the radio station - just to bring Nicky G and Jane M up to speed on management of the program. As it was over 40 C we thought we might have a drink afterwards, but alas all venues at the Convent were closed.

On Thursday night I joined P & B for dinner at The Commoner. This was arranged as B will be having an operation on his tongue in a week or so, so it was a last chance to have some decent food for a while. It was, not surprisingly, a very enjoyable evening.

Friday morning saw a visit to the dentist - really the first serious appointment with the new woman. She did a couple of fillings, but it turns out that one of them is messing up my bite - the new bit of my lower tooth is bashing against the tooth above it. I'm going in today to see if she can grind it down a fraction. I can't say I'm completely happy with her, but we'll see how things go. Next stop is a crown, to be done in February.

Saturday morning was The Romantics as usual - this week was a program of music by women and I think it went off quite well. Then in the evening the three of us went over to Noel's for dinner: two very tasty curries.

On Sunday night I filled in for Adrian McE on Choral Masterworks and caught up with Adele S which was great.

Now, I'm just catching up with a few things before I head into town to see what the dentist can do with this new filling.


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