Saturday, August 02, 2008

Working and eating

I've been a bit busy over the past couple of weeks, mostly with work, but also with eating out.

On Wednesday I joined P&B for a wonderful meal at LE's: after an appetizer of white sardines with olives we were served a most delicious spinach cappuccino(!). This was followed by very tasty braised beef cheek and parsley salad and the whole evening was topped off with a spectacular orange mousse. Truly, she is amazing.

The night before LE and I had a quick meal at Birdman eating before heading off to the IMAX cinema to see Batman: The Dark Knight. It turned out to be a bit of fun, with the experience enhanced by the IMAX experience; the aerial shots were breathtaking.

I've also had some lovely meals at P&B's and out with AB and DL.

I took Mum to the doctor's last week and he seemed very happy with her progress. He's happy to go back to seeing her on a quarterly basis.

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