Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nothing but the tooth

This week I've had two visits to the dentist, one planned, one not. On Monday I went to get repairs to a front tooth I broke a bit off before Christmas; it was the same bit that I broke off in Britain in 2006, but the dentist had no record of fixing it (he did). Anyway on Thursday, while flossing to clear what I thought was muck stuck between two teeth, I managed to remove part of a filling - one that was only done in November. Luckily they were able to fit me in on Friday afternoon and, because it was a repair to recent work, it was fixed for nothing.

Early in the week I went to LE's to set up her Internet connection. Unfortunately we didn't have quite the right plugs and sockets, but after a profitable visit to my work tech friends I managed to get what was required. Last night I returned and got not only her net connection working, but also the wireless setup which allows her to have the iMac away from the phone line. Everything was working when I left, but I got a frantic call this morning to say that it had stopped working. I went up later today and managed to get everything working OK. She's having fun.

In the middle of the week B&P and I went with LE to Rumi for a meal to celebrate her birthday. The food was very tasty and we had a very enjoyable evening.

Thursday and Friday were stinking hot but a change arrived Friday lunchtime which made last night much easier to bear. More to come, though.


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