Sunday, May 13, 2007


I had a wonderful day yesterday: after the market at the farm and the supermarketing at Vic Gardens P&B and I went to Werribee Park to see the entries in the Helen Lempriere sculpture competition as well as having a look through the mansion. The house and grounds are very impressive and have been lovingly restored. Unfortunately my camera's batteries died preventing me from taking more pics.

Breakfast room

Werribbee Park mansion


Then today it was off as usual to Mum's for lunch - I took the laptop and showed her the images SP has done. IP also turned up and I showed him some of the pictures from last year's trip.

Then this evening SP came around and we went to the Park hotel for a pub meal and a good talk.

I've teed up a couple of things for this week off, but unfortunately neither DC nor MG is available for lunch on any day.


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