Monday, May 21, 2007

Sofa, so good

ON WEDNESDAY DG and I went on a hunt in Richmond for new sofas for my lounge room. After walking up and down Church St we ended up in Bridge Road where, after finding a surprising range of affordable sofas (leather and otherwise) in a couple of shops, I finally decided on a pair (1 x 3-seater, 1 x 2-seater) covered in a rather nice charcoal-y fabric. They will be made locally and be ready early in July. What fun!

On Thursday I spent the day with BN and caught up on all the news of her trip. She took some great pictures and said the conference (on Neville Shute) was interesting. It's amazing how we can natter away for hours, almost without taking breath.

On Friday morning, after measuring the width of the front door just to be sure, I went and paid the deposit on the new sofas before having a tasty lunch at the Children's Farm with B. Then on Saturday morning after shopping B&P and I had lunch at Lentil as Anything - also very tasty; I think we paid a reasonable amount.

On Saturday night Tat and I went to the Gombert Concert - it was a program of contemporary Australian choral music. Not only were all the composers still alive, two of them (Peter Campbell and Vaughan McAlley) were in the choir and the third (Calvin Bowman) in the audience.

It was a terrific concert - a beautifully performed collection of varied settings - and a thrill to be present at.

As for my current sofas, I may have already found a home for one of them with one of my work colleagues. One down, one to go.


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