Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fruit and friends

I worked last Saturday which meant I wasn't able to do any shopping - I like working the occasional weekend shift but they do tend to upset my regular habits.

On Tuesday I cooked a couple of curries (chicken rogan josh (I don't care if it isn't echt, it's tasty) and a vegetable curry) for P&B and DG. DG came early and we had a good catch up; I showed him some photo-graphics by SP (who came for dinner on Sunday evening) which he really liked. He also agreed to help me choose a new sofa (or perhaps sofas).

DG brought some tamarillos, which I've never had much to do with; I looked them up in St Stephanie's and decided I'd poach them according to her instructions.

Last night I was treated to more doof-doof music from next door - I first became aware of it around 2am and then kept waking up every hour or so - it was still going at 6! To be fair, the volume was lower than last time, but low-frequency sounds travel further than higher-frequency sounds and it was always there every time I woke up. Very annoying.

B&P came for shopping at the usual time and afterwards we had a tasty lunch at Cavallero in Smith Street.

DG and I had planned to go sofa-shopping this afternoon, but he rang me to say that he was stuck in traffic and had decided it was impossible for him to get here without losing his cool. We'll reschedule for a week-day which should make it a bit easier to get around.

I managed to get a bit of a snooze this afternoon - tonight I got around to poaching the tamarillos; I'll have some tomorrow.


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