Monday, July 10, 2006

Small performers make great music

On Friday night P&B and I met at Southgate for a meal before walking up to Hamer Hall where we heard the MSO conducted by the exiguous Mark Wigglesworth (great name). The concert was bookended with two Mozart symphonies (no 1 and no 39) which were as different as chalk and cheese, as one would hope.

The main act was Midori (who is even smaller than Mr Squiggle... er Wiggle...) who played the Britten Violin concerto and she played it very well. After interval was more Britten, the Sinfonia da requiem; I knew neither of the Britten works but will certainly look out the Sinfonia.

Saturday morning was market day; I didn't have a lot of cash on me so I only bought a couple of quinces. Then on the way to Vic Gardens we dropped in on the vet's so I could buy some kidney-friendly food for Pushka. I didn't realise you could buy a slab of catfood. In the afternoon P and I bussed up to the Nova where we saw Tristram Shandy, which was very funny; the beginning and the end had quite a bit of reference to the book, but I felt it sagged a little in the middle when it was just about making the film. Still, a lovely cast obviously enjoying themselves, an amazing house and some well-chosen music added to the enjoyment.

Last night everything stopped for Planet Earth followed by Bleak House, both of which I enjoyed - I look forward to the next however-many weeks of Sunday viewing.


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