Wednesday, June 28, 2006

HWB horror!

The weather remains cold, but apart from a nasty hot-water bottle accident last week (yes, I woke up with wet feet) everything is running smoothly.

On Saturday we did our shopping in Brunswick for a change; I got some tasty reggiano at Mediterranean Wholesalers as well as stoc. We had lunch in Clifton Hill.

Then in the afternoon Tat and I went up the hill to St Mark's Fitzroy to the Gombert fund-raising concert at which I also bought a lovely new tea-towel. Saturday night saw me at DG's with D&JN - good food and good company made for an enjoyable evening. We talked about DN's up-coming exhibition.

Tonight I'm working my first 2-10 shift on the editorial floor - it's very different, but also quite interesting being in the thick of it all.


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