Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pushka's progress

On Thursday night Tat and I sang in the patronal day service at St Peter's, Eastern Hill. I had got it into my mind that it was to be a short service, but it was a full-on mass going for nearly two hours.

Through the kind auspices of B, Pushka went to see the vet on Saturday morning. She's been peeing a bit much lately as well as drinking a lot; and she's been a bit grumpy with it. She behaved herself perfectly while the vet (ably assisted by Mrs vet) took samples of urine and blood. The results will be back tomorrow. Understandably, as she's very old (16 I think) there is a wide range of possibilities, so we'll just wait and see.

The weather remains cold (it is winter after all) and we've had bit of rain, but not nearly enough.


Anonymous RoboBear said...

Pushka, Pushka, Pushka you poor dear. I hope Frank gives you an extra helping of blue fin tuna...

11:17 am  

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