Saturday, May 06, 2006

Stuck in traffic

This morning P&B and I had an adventure in South Melbourne: as we were going to the Mietta Song Recital competition at the Australian National Academy of Music, we decided to drive to Clarendon Street and do our shopping at the supermarket there before heading to the Town Hall.

The supermarket was rather oppressive, with shelving close together and the ceilings at the back of the shop very low (like shopping in a cave). After shopping we moved the car before grabbing a quick, if putrid, cup of coffee.

The contest was very enjoyable (the first half of it anyway) with AC singing second after quite a good baritone. She sang well, doing a song by Clara Schumann, Der Zwerg of Schubert and songs by Debussy and Ned Rorem. It's the first time for ages I've listened to her from a position other that sitting beside her and her voice works well in a large space. The standard was very high - I wouldn't want to be deciding who to advance to the finals.

We left at the lunch break and made the mistake of driving back the way we had come - straight up Clarendon Street to Spencer Street. Unfortunately Spencer Street was closed off between Bourke and Lonsdale Streets with all traffic being diverted up Bourke Street. With no changes to the traffic lights sequence or police directing traffic, the end result was that Spencer Street was clogged back to the Casino. It took us nearly an hour to get home. Next time we'll go by tram.

This afternoon I spent cooking braised lamb shanks from Jill Dupleix's Old food, and baked some quince slices. Dinner was delicious.


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