Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Broke(back) laptop

Last night I met P&B after work in Carlton and, after a meal of fish and chips, we saw Brokeback Mountain. While I enjoyed it I didn't find it the trancendent experience I'd been led to expect*. Lovely scenery (in all senses) and a conventional unconventional love story. And as for the warnings of "projectile sobbing" I'd read... I got vaguely moist only in the last scene. Still, a nicely put together film and a nice controlled performance from Ledger; I swear I saw his lips move at one stage.

Today I sent the ailing laptop back to its maker; they had responded promptly with permission for me to return it after my email explaining the problem. Let's hope it doesn't take forever to come home again.

Before work today I popped over to see BN and to deliver some CDs I had bought for her. She's well and we had a nice lunch and a good chat - we never seem to run out of things to discuss.

*Note to self: Don't read too many reviews of films you are definitely planning to see.


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