Wednesday, May 19, 2004

More good news

Mum went home today.

I went out to Cabrini after work last night to see her. My brother was there waiting for her to come back from her endoscopy; we waited for her for about half an hour. She was not particularly happy but I think relieved to have it all over with. I left around 5pm and headed round to P&B's for P's wonderful vera bolognese; as expected it was delicious. Watched the usual stuff including the beginning of the new series of Bedtime. It continues to delight.

Got up around 9am and after breakfast I did a bit of pulling out and pruning in the garden; there's lots more to do, but I must arrange for DT to come and do the big cutting bits and to take away all the stuff. I wish our council provided bins for garden waste -- hard rubbish collections twice a year is not enough.

After spending some time on my German homework I decided to call the hospital -- they told me Mum had gone home. When I called my brother said she was feeling fine, if a bit washed out. It was internal haemorrhoids which they have treated with their fiendish little rubber bands (or something like that). My sister and b-in-law came down from the country but won't stay.

Listening to: Regine Crespin singing (mostly) Verdi and Wagner -- what a fabulous singer!


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