Thursday, May 06, 2004

Met DG and B&P at Ladro for dinner. As we had no booking (we didn't think they took them) we sat at the bar. The food was lovely: I had a pizza puttanesca with anchovies, olives (with pips) and cherry tomatoes; P&B shared a very nice pizza gorgonzola (I know it was nice as we swapped slices) and DG had the roast veal. P and D also had walnut tart which was delicious. The staff were extraordinarily busy and exceedingly good, taking orders, delivering meals, answering phones, making drinks, etc. It's obviously The Place to be seen at the moment.

Recital (not Diva as I mistakenly called it yesterday) was fun; a very vigorous performance from Helen Noonan, who has been doing it now for fifteen years(!). She plays the Ur-Diva, an amalgam of sopranos some recognisable, some not, and sang bits from works ranging from Purcell to Ravel as well as delivering a monolog accompanied by music/sounds. Unfortunately her pitch was less than perfect, making for some uncomfortable lack of accord with the piano accompaniment (played by Dean Sky Lucas). Despite that, I'm glad to have seen it after all these years.


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