Friday, May 14, 2004


I'm glad it's Friday -- we're not going to the movies tonight, rather I'm going around to P&B's for dinner. I got myself completely confused today and nearly booked myself in for a conference in the wrong month -- it wasn't until we were trying to rewrite the roster to cover my absence that I realised that the dates didn't match. Well, at least I know that my boss is agreable to my going to one soon. It's a shame really, as it would have meant I had four days in Sydney the week after next, instead of just two. Che sera, sera.

I see B has caught the redesign bug as well. There's a lot of it about. One day soon I'll implement comments -- when I get my brain around what I have to do.

We probably won't hear much from Lesley for a while as she's off on her overseas jaunt. I hope she has a wonderful time and that she manages to update her blog occasionally for our vicarious enjoyment.

Listening to: Romeo and Juliet, Prokofiev (I used to say I didn't like ballet music, but have recently come to the realisation that it's 19th century ballet music I don't like -- particularly Tschaikovsky -- but the periods before and after have produced some fabulous music, not the least this score.)


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