Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The Cold

Well, I wasn't able to ignore The Cold. As Monday progress it got worse, so much so that I didn't go to rehearsal and had an early night. Only to be woken by not being able to breathe -- jerking awake gasping for breath. After rearranging myself I managed to get a few minutes' sleep (or that's what it felt like). By the morning I had virtually no voice left and even less energy so I stayed in bed for the day.

The upside to yesterday was that the plumber came and cleaned out my jets (at least I think that's what he said) and only charged me $126, which is not bad considering he was there for about forty minutes. So I have my lovely heating back -- aah, bliss.

So apart from finishing the Rankin spy book and watching some appalling daytime television (though I did see an episode of I Claudius this morning on 31), I've done nothing for the past two days.


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