Monday, May 10, 2004

Saturday started with a trip to the farmers' market at the Collingwood Children's Farm where I bought some lovely beetroot and apples; at least they look lovely. After lunch I accompanied DR to an auction opposite B&P's; it was a house owned by the nuns and according to B it sold for considerably less than they paid for it a few years ago.

Later, P&B came for dinner which consisted of roast lamb with many varied root vegetables followed by stewed quinces with ice-cream. We watched The Bill, then, as there was nothing else of interest on, we watched the first half of Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria on DVD. It's a performance by Les Arts Florissants at the Festival of Aix en Provence and is really enjoyable. We'll catch the rest of it soon.

Yesterday was Mum's for lunch followed by LE's for dinner -- we are certainly well fed this weekend. LE had made the most magnificent garbure (a broth with spinach and pork bits in) followed by more quinces (nicer than mine, I must reluctantly add). It was a delightful evening during which we made plans to catch up with some movies: Triplets of Belleville and Troy among them.

Late last night I noticed that my throat was getting scratchy and, sure enough, today I've come down with another cold. I am going to try and ignore this one.


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