Friday, October 10, 2003

B has continued to improve, but he is not completely free of the drips yet. He had a lot of attention from the staff who aren't doctors today. The OT advised on adjustments needed when B comes home. Later he had a chest x-ray and some physio so we are reading these as signs of preparing him for release. He is much more mobile, but he still has a slight problem with his breathing.

He was able to eat some more solid food, but that is still difficult. P says that while he has not been officially told this, it looks pretty likely that B may need an extended period of recuperation once he gets home. P has been " enjoying" contact with the few friends he can speak to each night but feels terrible about making contact so irregularly and being so hard to catch. I will post further news as we get it.

Caught up with Amanda C last night at the VCA - the two Amandas are working on the Pergolesi Stabat mater. The piece is unusually jaunty for a not-too-cheerful text. But lovely all the same.


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