Friday, November 06, 2015

Deadly Sins

No shopping this morning as I had a doctor's appointment to get the results of my tests. Everything is fine and we decided that I'll go off the statins. I'll return in about six months to see how things are going. But with the recent weigh-loss I'm feeling pretty good; just have to keep the walking up. Some days I don't get to 10,000 steps.

Tonight I met P&B at The Deck at Southgate and we had quite a pleasant fixed-price 2 course meal: my starter was a very tasty pork terrine, and I followed it with tasty trout on a bed of beans and kale.

Then we made our way to Hamer Hall for the Victorian Opera presentation of The Seven Deadly Sins. This was a portmanteau piece: for the first half four local composers had been given Australian capital cities with corresponding sins, eg Melbourne was Greed, Sydney Lust, Canberra Pride, etc. The pieces were short and pithy, with very approachable music. Probably the strongest were Perth (Anger), Canberra and Sydney. Terrific performances from this year's graduates of the Master of Music (Opera Performance) course which, because of discontinued funding, has now ceased.

Then after interval we got Meow Meow starring in Die sieben Tods√ľnden by Brecht and Weill. A more opaque piece, it was given an excellent performance with a male quartet supporting the extraordinary Mlle Meow.

In all, a most enjoyable night.


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