Friday, October 30, 2015

Dinners, and a show

Yesterday Julie was on leave so I was able to devote some time to fixing the glitches in the Theresa B Reflections program (and I was quite happy with the results). It turned out that Laila had had some trouble with the software the night before so, after a bit of consultation, I was able to fix most of her problems as well. Also managed to get more of Xmas morning programmed. However this didn't leave me with much time to start the Sibelius program - I did at least get all the music ripped and saved it onto a thumb drive, along with the narration files, to work on at home.

Last night with P&B was dinner at Pope Joan as arranged by Scion Winery; Kit and Ben joined us. It was a great meal with copious wines.

Shopping this morning as usual, but only P and I lunched as B had come down with a cold over night. Then tonight, after a quick meal at Tiamo, we met up again with K & B at the Carlton Court House to hear one of the very last performances of Little Black Bastard. Noel was very moving.


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