Friday, November 06, 2015

Stormy weather and so-so food

This morning it was off to the radio station to record a couple of interviews for JH; these had to be packaged with music as well. Then there was a bit of problem solving with RH and RS upstairs in the edit studio. Unfortunately in the rush I forgot to rip a couple of extra tracks for the Sibelius program - might try to do that tomorrow.

Then this evening I went up to Smith Street for dinner with Brent - we tried a Vietnamese place is heard goods things about, and that B had been to before, but alas, it didn't quite make the grade. I ordered a glass of sparkling wine and got a glass of white wine and a glass of sparkling mineral water. Doh! The food was OK, but not as good as that at Quan 88 on our last visit.

Today Oaks Day was washed out with a big storm - the Bureau issued a warning that mentioned tornadoes, but it all passed over Abbotsford fairly smoothly.


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