Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Telstra efficient - amazing

Today, after spending the morning at Mum's unit helping I, G & D finish cleaning it out, I went into town for my physio appointment. As I had been tasked to cancel Mum's phone account (a job I was expecting to take some time and effort) I dropped into the Telstra shop in Swanston Street. In all honesty I was only going to ask for advice on where I should start.

Surprisingly, I was able to do it on the spot. They didn't even want to sight a copy of the will or death certificate and the whole procedure was completed within ten minutes.

If I've ever said bad things about Telstra (and I think I might have) I take it all back ... well, almost.

And, thanks to the wonderful Bec, my sore neck is less so after her ministrations.


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