Friday, September 04, 2009

My exciting life

Yesterday I walked up to Clifton Hill for lunch and a visit to Retravision. LE is looking for a new TV so I checked out what they had on offer; only a cursory look as I'm not quite sure exactly what she wants. Just an initial foray.

I got back in time for the dishwasher repairman who came and fixed my dead machine - I was getting a bit sick of washing up in the sink so it was well timed. The last time I had a problem (about six months ago) the repairman then told me that, as the machine was about ten years old, it may not be worth repairing if it broke down again.

But it's working again now, and this repairman said that the model is a good, reliable one, so I'm glad I tried.

Last night I went to P&B's for a dinner of sweet potato and lentil soup followed by boeuf bourguignon; both were delicious. Their new rug and sofa have arrived and look splendid; and the sofa is very comfortable - ideal for afternoon naps. B goes into hospital today for the FESS procedures to fix his sinuses; he's supposed to be in just overnight, but suspects he may be there a little longer.

Today I'm having lunch with nephew S and his girlfriend S (henceforth S&S); he's cleaning out his room in Richmond before moving into their new house in Ascot Vale South.


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