Monday, March 16, 2009

Back in hospital

This morning I had a call from Good Shepherd to say that Mum had been taken to hospital - she had been short of breath and they decided to call an ambulance. They rang a little later to let me know she was in St Vincent's so I went in to see her. 

She was still in emergency so I sat with her for a while. I spoke to a doctor who said he thought she had a chest infection which he was treating with antibiotics; they planned to admit her for two or three days.

I left mid-morning and went back early afternoon. She is fairly bright but understandably not happy to be in hospital. Later in the afternoon another doctor rang me to say that Mum had had a small heart attack (as happened while she was in St George's) and that they would be trying to control her blood pressure which is elevated while she is in hospital; he also thought she would only need to be in for a few days.

Unfortunately it means she'll be spending her 96th birthday in hospital - which is no fun. 

Happy birthday Peg.



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