Saturday, February 07, 2009

Record heat

Today was ghastly, and the state experienced its highest temperatures ever - 46.4 C in Melbourne (for older Australians and overseas readers that's 115.5 F).

I went shopping with P&B this morning after which I had lunch with AB, MM and DL at The Commoner. The meal was delicious, as expected, and it was great to catch up with DL. 

However afterwards I had to stand in the heat for about 10 minutes waiting for a bus to take me down to visit Mum. At least it was cool in the bus, and of course at Good Shepherd. Mum is very chirpy and now has both her hearing aids back in working order, thanks to nephew SP who took them to the hearing service for a service.

There have been several bad fires around the state, some threatening the city's power supply, so I might have to entertain myself soon. My poor garden is looking a bit sad, although the tomatoes, thyme, marjoram, tarragon and, surprisingly, English spinach, are relatively unscathed; the basil is positively thriving. 

Let's hope this has been the worst of it for the year.

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